I created Art. Capital A

I did it. I created Art with a capital A, and it hung in a museum. A dream come true. In the Belvedere museum in Vienna, Austria, amidst all grand names of art history.

In fact I completed the work Quasimodo of Franz West. “The title of the installation, “Quasimodo” by Franz West, can be translated as ‘the Incomplete’. Consisting of a forged iron hook and a video, this only becomes complete when the hook is hammered into a wall and objects – or in the worst case one’s self – are hung up on it at will, according to the artist…”

So I asked the attendant if I was allowed to hang up something there. He chuckled shyly, not really knowing how to react. “Oh dear… I just started working here. But I guess… if I you read what the artist says, the idea is to do just that…”

I smiled at him “I totally agree. You are so right, and I would really love to do it!”

While the other visitors watched in a bit of a shock, I hung up my camera. Like a statement: Look! I am temporarily pausing my photography as a tribute to the artist and his art.  Of course by hanging up the camera I prevented myself from taking professional high quality images. Thereby strengthening the incompleteness, as I was powerless and empty handed as a photographer. I could only take a snapshot with my mobile phone. For me, this snapshot now has become a piece of art in itself, mirroring different layers over the original work.

I call it: Sicut modo. So happy with it!

Art and adoration. I went to Vienna just to see this picture. Recently I visited the Klimt experience at the Fabrique de Lumières in Amsterdam. That raised a few memories: The shop in Amsterdam so many years ago when I was a high school teenager. The cards I found there – all about Jugendstil and fairies and so. And this one that I immediately loved.

So I decided to go and see it. No reproduction can give the feeling of the real thing. I tried to take pictures of the shimmering gold and silver particles, but it’s impossible. You have to see it for yourself. In the Belvedere museum in Vienna.

Art touches one´s sense of beauty. Museums always tickle my creativity and wake up my inner muse. There is so much beauty all around! Just a glimpse out of the window tells me there is a world full of splendor waiting to be transformed into masterpieces. And after leaving the building, I feel enlightened and ready to create the most stunning art myself. View of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna through the blackout screen of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

View from the Albertina museum in Vienna. Wherever you look, the world will show beauty.

It’s definitely not only the paintings that you should see in the Museum of Art History in Vienna. This is a view of the restaurant…

You just cannot not look up here. Is to too much Baroque here in the lower Belvedere?

All that glitters is… yes, gold!

Intermezzo: De winkel is open!

Zin om te shoppen? Dat kan! Ik ben enorm trots dat ik vandaag mijn eerste winkel kan openen. Op de nieuwe pagina Shop kunt u kiezen tussen kunstwerken met een bijzondere emotionele of artistieke waarde die in een beperkte oplage door mijzelf worden verkocht, of werk waarvan de verkoop wordt geregeld via Werk aan de Muur. In alle gevallen kiest u de uitvoering die het best bij u past: het formaat en ook het medium waarop wordt gedrukt (bijvoorbeeld papier, canvas, aluminium of perspex).

Alleen het beste

Alleen de allerbeste foto’s van de allerbeste kwaliteit krijgen een plekje in de winkel. Zodat u met een gerust hart de foto desnoods billboard – formaat kunt laten afdrukken. En mocht u niet vinden wat u zoekt of foto’s willen gebruiken voor andere doelen, aarzel dan niet om een berichtje te sturen.

Kijk gerust even rond in de Shop. Ik ben benieuwd wat u ervan vindt!

(de foto hierboven staat bij Werk aan de Muur, getiteld ‘Oude westen in nieuw Nederland’. Het lijkt een tafereel uit het oude westen, maar het is Nederland. Heckrunderen op de Hellegatsplaten)