Rainy nights

A few weeks ago a fellow photographer from Amersfoort gave a presentation on Saul Leiter. Famous New York fashion photographer. Besides his professional work he did a lot of street photography. Educated in the arts and painting, he was looking for a dialogue between colour and remarkable compositions. People are always present in his work, even if it is just a hand or a foot. At first glance, many pictures seem failed, for the main subjects are often only partly visible or blurred. Then it starts to dawn on you. His aim is not to get a nice picture of a person, or a perfect eye-pleasing frame. His aim is to create space, tension, contrast of light and a clash of colours.

So on a rainy night I went out to the city closest to Hollandsche Rading, Utrecht, to try and look with different eyes. Not his eyes of course, for his life was completely different from mine. But my eyes, trying to look as a child to lights, colours and people. The result is a kind of impressionist winter series.

There it was: the red umbrella, so often present in Leiter´s New York pictures.

Tot ziens

Christmas Eve in the streets of Alkmaar

Line 50 Utrecht

Time for a smoke

Koningsdag 2022

Eindelijk mochten we weer. Naar buiten en samen zijn. We moeten nog even wachten wat dit voor het aantal covid besmettingen heeft betekend – ik heb in de steden enorme mensenmassa’s gezien, maar iedereen liep in de buitenlucht en het contact in het voorbijgaan was veelal vluchtig. Onderstaand een foto-impressie van het begin van de Koningsnacht in Utrecht, en de dag zelf in het Vondelpark in Amsterdam.